Amoeba Music on Sunset Blvd

On January 30, 2016 at 7:00 PM I visited Amoeba Music which is the world’s largest independent record store and is located on the bustling strip of Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, California. Amoeba Music is an icon in Hollywood and is truly reflective of how the wide and varied cultures of Los Angeles come together to celebrate common interests and hobbies. Its vibrant neon signs can be seen from a mile away while driving, walking, or riding a bicycle down Sunset Blvd and its old school look and appeal attract young kids and hipsters to older generations who want to share records and old formats of music such as cassette and vinyl with their children or still favor analog formats of music compared to the mass amounts of digital media that is used to distribute music and movies today.

Amoeba Music has been serving California since 1990 and has three locations in Berkeley, San Francisco, and of course Hollywood. There stores were formed during a time when huge music chain stores and retailers were buying out all of the independent music stores and killing the personal relationship that people used to have with their music outlets. Amoeba strives to keep access to independent music readily available to music lovers where corporate retailers would normally not showcase in place of popular music that the retailers want the public to listen too. If you are a true music lover you will totally agree with Amoeba’s goal and approach ┬ábecause who wants to be told what to listen to and while streaming music and owning music is convenient, most music lovers want a solid copy of their favorite albums whether it be vinyl, CD, or cassette.

Amoeba Music is tucked right in the center of the Entertainment And Media Districts of Hollywood, where there are tons of great theaters, restaurants, and nightclubs. ┬áSo you will never be caught bored in this part of Los Angeles as besides all of the fun places to go there are also hundreds of music. film, and video studios so this part of Downtown Hollywood is always full of activity and if you can manage to find parking then you will have a blast exploring this part of Los Angeles and if you love music then you will feel right at home. The store has a very nostalgic feel inside and outside and there are so many records, Cd’s, and movies inside it would take days to look through all of them and since they are constantly adding inventory, Amoeba Music holds a lifetime full of fun for music and video lovers.

So if you want to be part of the biggest community of independent artists and listeners stop by Amoeba Music on Sunset Blvd. Amoeba says on their website, “If you love music, let us be your ultimate source for inspiration!”

Amoeba Music


  1. Kathrine Schiller

    Absolutely love this Amoeba location. Over winter break, a few friends and I made the trek up to San Francisco to check out the Haight-Ashbury store. It was breathtaking. Just as you stated, Amoeba embodies the eclectic tastes of Los Angeles and celebrates what this fantastic city is truly about.

  2. Ryan Florence

    I knew you visited Amoeba all the time but I never really understood the appeal to it besides the fact that you were into music and vinyls. However, after reading this I can see how this is a place you could visit over and over and never get bored. I didn’t know they were an independent record store, and giving that, its pretty crazy how they have succeeded in becoming so huge in both size and popularity. in addition to that, the fact that they strive to constantly update their wares with both mainstream and indie artists is something to admire as they give you the option to listen to what YOU want, not what the media tells you.

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