The Sunken City

January 9th, 5pm at the Sunken City at San Pedro Cliffs

A few of my friends and I explored at the popular site known as Sunken city. It was my first time there, and I was in awe when I saw the magnitude of it. It was huge! You can even climb down to the water where there are pieces of wall protruding from the shore line. The site is very popular not only for residents but for tourists as well. What was once a small community of homes and bungalows, is now a beach alongside the San Pedro cliffs where people from all over visit and enjoy the view it brings of the pacific. The community that was once there was established in the early 1920’s with a goal to attract people with a thirst for a great view of the ocean.

In 1929, the 40,000 square foot piece of land slowly began to break off from the cliff and sink down into the ocean. Day by day, the land would sink as far down as 11 inches toward the water. There was enough time to evacuate the residents and move many of the houses and bungalows, yet two homes were unfortunately swept away along with a portion of the street and sidewalk. Even though it was once a sight of destruction, today it is a beautiful place where people can express themselves freely through works of graffiti art. Almost every cement slab and wall that was left over from the landslide is covered in graffiti which has made the site all the more popular these days.

It is a great place to go hiking with a great view. It’s also a great place to have parties, leaving behind a variety of trash like empty beer cans, empty marijuana containers, and rusty spray cans. Yet the litter doesn’t take away from the beauty of the massive ruin. It only adds beauty to it. I liked seeing the empty spray cans because it was another sign of the artist marking their territory, and marking their art to say the least. Plus, I enjoyed throwing the cans off the cliff and hearing them hit the rocks below. It’s also one of the best places in LA were anyone can go and watch the sunset. You can pretty much sit anywhere you want and still have an amazing view of the sunset. In a city polluted with oil rigs in the ocean, massive transport ships, and power plants, it’s nice to still see a place where nature is dominant over man. It was amazing to experience.


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  1. Elvin Mabborang

    Yo, this place is the SPOT! I don’t go there to often, but me and my friends always have a great time when we visit this place. One of my favorite parts of Sunken City is the fact that you have to squeeze through a messed up portion of the gate blocking it off. Did you have to do the same? I didn’t see any mentioning of it, but I feel like the experience of getting inside the place itself most definitely contributes to the vibe and overall experience of the place. It’s definitely a “rebellious and edgy spot” to kick it!

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