Traffic Circle

Growing up in a suburban area, I wasn’t exposed to the chaos atmosphere that is LA streets and traffic. Most streets I was used to drive on were calm, scenic, and straight forward in terms of rules or regulations. Ever since I have moved to the LA area, I have noticed a change in driving conditions and the overall experience of driving. One key feature that I have never seen before in my suburban driving career was a traffic circle.

When I approached the traffic circle I was somewhat confused from seeing it for the first time but went ahead as if I were a regular at it. Due to the nature of driving, I was thrown into the situation without the option of turning around and assessing the situation. Making assumptions and trying to read the signs, I had to figure out how to properly maneuver this obstacle course of a road on the spot.

It wasn’t the difficulty of the situation that was the anomaly, but the overall improvised situation I was placed in. After driving the circle quite often I tend to think if it really is a more efficient way to merge four streets together verses a simple stop light. There has to be a reason as to why Los Angeles uses these street features but I am not exactly sure why. I’ve always enjoyed driving the traffic circle but do believe it has to be more of a danger then most other intersections.


  1. Anthony Yassa

    I had a similar experience the first time I drove in the traffic circle, it’s definitely not something you learn how to navigate in a suburban area.

  2. Elizabeth Boron-Trotter

    When I first came to visit CSULB, it was my first time in Southern California. The massive amounts of traffic was very new to me. When I first approached the traffic circle in my car, I was super confused and scared. I had never seen such a large and busy traffic circle before in my life. My first experience was very unpleasant. By now, I am used to the traffic and the traffic circle. Today, I think of it more as a race car track and it’s actually kind of fun to me!

  3. David Van

    I’ve lived in the areas surrounding Long Beach, CA for pretty much my whole life. I’ve only encountered the traffic circle less than 10 times. It’s really interesting when I do encounter it.

  4. Berenice Contreras

    I was terrified to drive in southern California and like you, was very unfamiliar with the traffic circle. I avoided it for a very long time, but after actually driving through it I actually grew to enjoy it!

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