Universal CityWalk

Jan. 22, 2016
~12:30pm, Universal Studios CityWalk

Last Friday, my dad, brother, and I went to Universal Studios. Where we parked had us entering the theme park through the Universal CityWalk. When I walked into it, I was amazed. I live in the suburban Tustin/Irvine, so I’m not used to the tall buildings I saw in L.A., but that was nothing compared to my amazement with CityWalk. I’ve been to Universal Studios, but I don’t remember being in CityWalk, so I felt like a kid going into a big city for the first time. I was spinning around, trying to get a glimpse of every building, because they all had such unique signs and structures. I knew, though, that despite what the name implied, this was not like walking through a city, at least in comparison to Los Angeles.

The most notable thing about CityWalk were the storefronts. They were big, exaggerated signs of the restaurant or retail store, signs you can find in places like Las Vegas, but certainly not in Los Angeles. There might be a couple places like that in L.A., but not with every store, like what the CityWalk advertised. It was kind of funny, really. Another aspect of CityWalk was how straightforward it was. There was a clear path of where the visitors can walk. In a “real” city like L.A., it was very confusing for me. There were streets that were only one way and streets that went two ways and so many people bustling around that you’d probably hit someone if you weren’t paying attention enough (and the same can be said with cars). CityWalk also had a lot of people, but it wasn’t as busy as the city.

I understand what they’re trying to do: with such a small place, they want people who come to still feel astonished when they enter, no matter what age the person is. A city is huge, so they wanted to make visitors feel small in CityWalk in order to achieve the same effect. It worked on me, or maybe I’m just too easily fooled.



  1. Brianna Maloney

    I haven’t been to Universal Studios or the City Walk for the longest time, but I do remember it having that “larger than life” type of vibe. I think it just comes as a part of the city and the entire movie industry? Whatever it is, I do agree with your thoughts on the astonishment they want everyone to experience when they visit (kind of like Disneyland).
    – Bri

  2. Christopher Fernandes

    I had my grad night here and I completely agree, it was way too showy for what it really was. It kind of goes along with the whole idea of Californians inventing ways to attract more people.

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