San Fernando Valley

While on my way to back Long Beach from my home town in Simi Valley, I drove through San Fernando Valley to look around and observe the culture. I have been there multiple times for family matters, outsourcing, or car part searching but I wanted to see the environment with a different outlook. While driving … [Read more…]

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo High School

The west side of Long Beach is (depending on your perspective) what most people would call “ghetto;” it’s definitely not the most affluent area in the city, but it’s also most definitely not the most run down. Cabrillo High School is an interesting landmark in the west because it is a representation of both sides … [Read more…]

Shipwreck in Palos Verdes

This past Saturday I went for a hike along a beach in Palos Verdes. Surprisingly, I was not there for a sun tan or even for the waves. I was there to see the S.S. Dominator. Back in 1961, a ship by the name of the S.S. Dominator was transporting a cargo of meat and … [Read more…]

The Getty Center

 I visited the Getty Center recently with my friends. The J. Paul Getty Museum is actually comprised of two locations – the Getty Center and the Getty Villa. The Getty Center offers a gallery of art ranging from pre-renaissance to contemporary pieces. Located in Brentwood, California, it is a tourist attraction that allows Los Angeles visitors … [Read more…]

Santa Monica, CA

This weekend on February 27th, I went to Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA, which is infamous for its shopping. Though, the shopping experience is not what I took from this trip. I observed and noticed the atmosphere around me. It is a very busy and noisy place with constant flow of foot traffic, … [Read more…]

3 Things You Need to Know

Feb. 24, 2016 ~8:30am, 405 Freeway On Wednesday morning, as I was driving to class, something in the radio caught my attention, but it wasn’t what was reported but what was not. I’m not sure which station it was–either 102.7 (KIIS FM), 97.1 (AMP Radio), or 104.3 (MYfm)–because I usually only listen to the radio … [Read more…]