1. Kirsten Miller

    Adding onto your comment that 2nd street’s restaurants “serve as an extension of the diversity that Long Beach…embraces” and give off a vibe that starkly contrasts that of “entitlement,” 2nd street does quite a bit to promote unity and a sense of community in the Long Beach area. During the summer months, it hosts “Stroll n’ Savor,” an event in which patrons can purchase booklets of tickets and restaurants put out displays of food that can be purchased using those tickets. Obviously, such an event has economic benefits for the restaurants, attracting more business usual on a Thursday night, but it also promotes a sense of community. Long beach residence pass each other on the sidewalks and share a smile or engage in conversation, giving 2nd street the welcoming vibe that is so attractive.

  2. Christopher Fernandes

    My friends and I would always go here to eat out and explore Long Beach at least once a week freshman year in the dorms. It was a fun experience going there on the bus and finding new ways to have fun in a place that seemed to have more of a nighttime city vibe compared to where CSULB is in Long Beach.

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