3 Things You Need to Know

Feb. 24, 2016
~8:30am, 405 Freeway

On Wednesday morning, as I was driving to class, something in the radio caught my attention, but it wasn’t what was reported but what was not. I’m not sure which station it was–either 102.7 (KIIS FM), 97.1 (AMP Radio), or 104.3 (MYfm)–because I usually only listen to the radio for the music, not caring where it came from, but sometimes I catch one of their segments. There was this segment called “3 things you need to know,” and they report what they deem 3 things that their listeners should know for that day. The radio stations I listed are all well-known stations of L.A. and even throughout the nation. So almost all of their listeners are in Southern California, especially L.A.. What they deemed 3 important things we should know was something about the Kardashians and Kanye and these two stars that got together.

Normally this wouldn’t surprise me as this is usually the kind of news they report, but I have heard them report other, more national things like if there was a shooting somewhere or something about El Niño, so I thought they’d have something different that day because the night before was the Nevada Caucus. They made no mention of it. Sure, it’s not like it’s the presidential elections, but I thought they should at least announce the winners, just so Americans of Southern California can keep up with these types of news, whether they already do or not. Most of the listeners are of voting or soon-to-be voting age anyway.

But apparently, what we need to know is so-and-so is dating this other so-and-so. I just thought about how people from other places probably think that star gossip is all Angelinos think about, because when they hear “L.A.” they think about Hollywood. L.A. has built up the image as a city of entertainment.

I know this isn’t a place, but I thought it was interesting. I’m not trying to scold the radio stations, either. I know politics is a tricky topic that I wouldn’t want to get into, either.


  1. Brianna Maloney

    I think that that is exactly why they decided to do that: because celebrities are easy to talk about while politics can be tricky. I have never been one to be concerned with politics or elections but with everything that is happening with this one I think that everyone who can, should be voting. While I’m sure more news-centered stations were covering the Caucus, I do wish that these stations that are primarily visited by teens and young adults would give some updates as to how things are unfolding in the election.

  2. Elizabeth Boron-Trotter

    I agree with Brianna. I wish these stations targeted at our age group would be able to entertain us as well as give updates on more important events going on in the world outside of the entertainment industry.

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