Angel’s Stadium of Anaheim

Whenever I drive down the freeway I always see a giant red A in the distance. I’ve been to Angel’s Stadium a few times and it stands as a huge symbol to the city. It stands as a symbol of pride both to Anaheim and to Los Angeles.

The Angel Stadium of Anaheim was built in 1966 when the California Angels moved from Los Angeles and was originally called Anaheim stadium and originally sat about 43,000 people. However, in 1979-80 the stadium underwent construction in order to accommodate the Los Angeles Rams. After accommodation for football as well as baseball, the stadium fit about 65000 people at once. However once the Rams left in 1995, the stadium once again underwent construction. In 1996 it was re-converted as a baseball only field and its seating capacity was reduced again to 45,000. The new park was dubbed the Edison International Field of Anaheim in 1997, but was renamed again in 2003 as the Angel’s Stadium of Anaheim that we all now recognize it as. The crazy thing is the different organizations that were involved in renovating the park from the Anaheim stadium to the Angel’s Stadium of Anaheim. For example, Walt Disney’s Imagineering were responsible for both the design and the construction of the park, HOK Sports Facilities Group and Robert A.M. Stern Architects planned out the architecture of the stadium, the design, and the renovations, and turner construction provided the necessary construction services.

All though this stadium is in Anaheim, the Angeles have always been connected to Los Angeles as well. It stands as a symbol for both team pride and city pride as evident by the giant A we can see. Angels stadium of Anaheim helps to bring the city together. It gives everyone something to rally behind, and as long as the team remains located here, it will continue to stand as a symbol of Los Angeles and Anaheim pride.


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