Grand Central Market

I recently had the opportunity to go to the LA Grand Central Market. I had been there before, but just to a small seafood shop that we have go to for years because it serves my mother’s favorite dish. We had never gone inside the actual market until this week. Once I stepped inside I was struck by many different cultures and all at once. They were all in close proximity of each other, I would see Mexican food three feet away from the Vietnamese food. There were multiple specialty stores that would sell a variety of coffee, alcohol, or desserts.

The smells and sounds of the tightly packed room were incredibly unique. I was bombarded with a variety of different languages and accents, while I was also smelling all of the delicious food that was being made. The bright neon lights caught my eye and for a moment I lost track of where I was. When we finally approached the outside, I had forgotten that it was only three in the afternoon, when I was in the market it was similar to a casino where I lost track of time.


There were signs posted around the market, papers from a few days ago that said things about festivals and events which went on. It clearly showed that this place was always busy and that something was happening at any given moment. The market has been open since 1917, and it does not look like it. The inside seems only shows the bright lights and glamor of Los Angeles. While the outside shows the beauty of the aged building.



  1. Kaicie Messer

    One thing I love about California, especially L.A., is how many different culture can coexist. It can be so easy to find authentic cultural food or art if you know where to go. It sounds like the market may be a perfect place for that.

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