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For the past six months I’ve been working as an intern at The Boeing Company and it has been an interesting experience. I work within an industrial park in large buildings with over one thousand employees around me. It’s a very new experience for me coming from the much more modest employment areas of my suburban home town. In comparison to my first job working at Subway, it’s quite the change.

The industrial concrete jungle that surrounds my workplace is itself an island on land, seeing really how close it is to the shore yet the feeling does not satisfy the condition. A strange complex of feelings is the paradox of the environment in which I work. Speaking about this experience to others allows for a realization of where I live in the Los Angeles County. Another one of many working in a large company, in large buildings, surrounded by people from all over the United States who came here just for this opportunity.

Los Angeles has always been a land of promise and potential and seeing the early stages of development through this course allows me to understand the place in which I live and work. There is a large dynamic just within the area of my workplace. While there are many buildings and structures of industry that surround me, the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge is just across the street. This mixture of environments allows for the structure of big city companies, while offering a supplement of nature and beauty.

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