Los Angeles Zoo



Visited: Febuary 26th 2016

11:08 AM

I have been to many zoos and was extremely decided to go to the Los Angles Zoo for the first time. I think just the fact that it was THE Los Angeles Zoo made my expectations so much higher. I was expecting something completely out of the ordinary and very over the top. With expectations like these I was a bit disappointed. With what I saw, however it was still very nice and very entertaining. There was an Elephants of Asia habitat, which was very lavish and beautifully built. As far as the rest of the zoo, it was nothing out of the ordinary and I was ultimately not very impressed. It was until today that I realized that there is much expectations and pressure for things in Los Angeles. I thought just because it is a place based in LA that it had to be amazing. I still think it was a nice and entertaining zoo, however when going with such high expectation I was disappointed. The Los Angeles Zoo was one of the places I visited that did not live up to my expectations. Creating such high expectations set the zoo up for a loss. It was still a very nice zoo, do not get me wrong, I just had expectations way too high after seeing The San Diego Zoo and even the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. I even enjoyed The Fresno Zoo more than the Los Angeles Zoo, which is not what I expected at all. Everything was just ordinary which did not meet my unrealistic expectations.

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  1. Kirsten Miller

    The fact that you hold high expectations for locations in Los Angeles supports the idea that we define spaces according to our image of them. You have mentally defined Los Angeles as a place of over-the-top extravagance and therefore expect everything in Los Angeles to fit your definition. You have demonstrated exactly what we discussed in class.

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