Lunar New Year Festival at Monterey Park, CA

Los Angeles, and Los Angeles County is HUGE. With dozens of cities, and ethnic communities, Los Angeles is hugely diverse. This weekend, I was able to attend a Lunar New Year Festival, celebrated in Monterey Park, CA, which is a city in Los Angeles County. I was actually manning one of the folk arts tables, specifically Chinese Yoyo. There, I was able to interact with people and show off a bit of what Chinese Yoyo is. We also sold diabolos there. Diabolo is the western version of a Chinese Yoyo. After, I was to perform Chinese Yoyo in front of a crowd, on stage. It was truly a memorable experience.

There were other tables showcasing calligraphy, Chinese knotting, etc. There, you could commission an artist to do something specific, or buy something that was premade.

Of course, at the festival, there were TONS of food stands, with delicious Chinese food at every corner. My favorite food there had to be the lamb kebabs. In Chinese, they are called yáng ròu chuàn (羊肉串). 羊 = lamb, 肉 = meat, and 串 = skewer. They were coated with herbs and spices, and were delectable.

I really encourage anyone who hasn’t been to a Lunar New Year festival to go to one. The one I went to is held every year at Monterey Park, CA. It’s a ton of fun, and there is a lot to do. There are free performances by very talented people, amusement rides, etc.

Link to the festival’s page where you can get information:


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