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On Thursday February 12th, I saw one of my favorite DJs perform at the Yost theater. For my first time partying at an actual nightclub, all I can say was that it was one for the books. It wasn’t until the day after the event that I found out that the Yost theater held a lot of history inside. For example, it’s actually the oldest theater in orange county and it is registered as a historical landmark. It was crazy to experience music from the newest technology being played in a building so historic where thousands of events have been held since 1912.


In 1912, the theater was built and originally named The Auditorium only to be renamed The Clunes shortly after. It wasn’t until a man named Ed Yost purchased the theater in 1950 when the name was permanently changed to Yost Theater. It housed many events like silent film screenings, vaudevilles, other various events before it became a Mexican cinema under a man named Luis Olivos who leased the building for a time. The Olivos family brought Mexican cinema to the Yost with acts like Antonio Aguilar and Vincente Fernandez. In 1986, the building was purchased by the Chase Family who changed the building into a church. Unfortunately, the result of this was the defacing of the interior, which would lead to a cease of any events at the Yost until 2007 when the the Yost planned to reopen to benefit the community as a whole. Since its reopening, it has served as a concert and live performance venue.


There are some interesting facts about the Yost that people might not know. For example, in 1927 legendary singer and Songwriters Hall of Famer Ernest Ball died in the dressing room at The Yost while on tour. Another example includes the downstairs basement where there were supposedly makeshift cells for holding the drunk and notorious criminals of orange county. In addition, the Yost sets aside a significant portion of their profits from their events to subsidize various programs for teens in Santa Ana. Not only does the Yost play a large historical role for the city Santa Ana and the greater LA area, we can see that it also plays a big role in its community, which gives me a better reason to attend more of their events!


  1. Berenice Contreras

    I was able to go to The Yost for my sorority’s formal and it is such a great venue. I had no idea just how much went on in the venue. I have never heard anything about how The Yost donates money to programs for teens. That is great that a portion of their profits goes to such great causes. Thanks for sharing such great insight!

  2. William Godbey

    Interesting post! I’d be curious to know which DJ you saw. The Most Theater certainly holds history, both dark and not, and it is a testament to LA’s fascination with the entertainment industry. It definitely makes one wonder about who came to this theater before you, who they saw perform, and what kind of social events were ongoing while they were there. The Most Theater sounds like a true testament to the preservation of music, as well as culture.

  3. Ryan Florence

    I had no idea this place was that old. I’ve been there before and its pretty nice. It’s crazy how something that old can still be standing and be enjoyed by people in our generation. So much work had to go in to preserve the Yost and thankfully it did. I wonder how much of the dark history Is true and what’s just rumors, Either way, they add to the mystery and historical attributes of the Yost Theater.

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