San Pedro High School Track

This Saturday (2/13) around noon I had a Lacrosse game at Daniel’s Field in San Pedro, and just up the street was San Pedro High School. Before the game, I went for a warmup run and wandered onto the campus. To my surprise, the majority of the school was open. I decided to run onto the track (despite the no trespassing signs unattached on the ground), which had some interesting landmarks.

The first of which was an archway, just on the inside of the track and open to the center of the field. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that it is titled “Victory Arch” and was erected in 1937. This blew my mind, because I quickly did the math and realized the school was at least 78 years old! I looked it up online, and the school was founded even earlier in 1903. It was humbling to realize that a structure such as this could have remained after so many years nearly in its original condition. The only marks upon it,¬†other than a few minor cracks in the base (presumably from earthquakes), were one or two spray paint tags. The archway itself showed no damage to its integrity.

The second landmark on the track was a large statue of a pirate, which evidently is the school’s mascot. The statue stands on the outside of the track, just near the entrance. The hook which would have been in place of the pirates left hand appears to have broken off, as well as the rapier held in the pirates’s right hand. This was an interesting contrast from the Victory Arch which showed little damage, especially when I researched and discovered that the pirate was only given to the school in 1998 and was recently refurbished in 2012.


Victory Arch



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