Staple Center

The Staple Center, one of the most popular sport complexes has been used for a variety of events. It holds a capacity of 18,118 people and has been one of the most used arenas. The complex is 950,000 square feet and has been a multipurpose complex for a variety of events from sporting events t to concerts. It is home to many of the “Los Angles” teams such as The Los Angeles Lakers, The Los Angles Kings to name a few. I went to watch a Taylor Swift concert and really saw what this space is capable of. Taylor Swift used this space to her full advantage. She used the stage in every way she could. She was on the main stage, on a long runway, an isolating stage and even one that raised her many feet in the air. It was such a great concert to see. There were many performers and they were each able to use the stage to their full advantage. From Vance Joy to Selena Gomez the transition were minimal due to the amount of room and accessibility the complex has. Above you could see banners hanging for sporting events as well as Taylor Swift’s accomplishment of selling out the arena. The Staple Center itself is very modern and surrounded by very nice and modern buildings. It is very well known for the concerts it holds, the sporting events that occur here and even events like Disney on Ice. This arena is very significant to Los Angles and I really enjoyed my experience here.




  1. Anthony Yassa

    Really interesting breakdown! Not to be contrarian but the Angels don’t play at the Staples Center, they actually play in Anaheim.

  2. Elvin Mabborang

    I still have yet to go here! Also always thought that it was weird that Staples owned the complex, not the first company I would think of to own a large venue

    • Anthony Yassa

      The Staples Center is not actually owned by the company Staples. The owners (AEG Corporation) simply allow them to pay for the naming rights to the complex as a form of advertising. This is a fairly common practice in sports with other complexes such as Gillette Stadium.

  3. Christopher Fernandes

    I’ve been here for a Clippers game and I must say it definitely is a big part of “LA.” I remember the traffic being horrible, but inside the actual center are so many cool sports things!

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