Sunken City

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Sunken City, February 19, 2016

One of my favorite places in Southern California is Sunken City in San Pedro. It is a preexisting neighborhood, which was evacuated after a landslide and now stands as the most beautiful escape. It occurred in 1929 as piece-by-piece land began to fall into the ocean. Many residents had to abandon their homes due to this landslide.

You can hike this location, sight see, graffiti or just explore. It has become a very deer place to me. I felt so at peace seeing everyone calmly enjoying the ocean and just relaxing with friends. The atmosphere was so calm and the view was breathtaking. Not many people know of this secret paradise, however I think the atmosphere is exactly what you would imagine for calm scenery. I heard of this location from my suite mate my freshman year and it is mind blowing that not everyone knows about it.

Sunken City in San Pedro has become my favorite place to remove myself from the fast pace life in Los Angeles.  There is a beautiful view of the ocean as well as an area covered in beautiful graffiti. This is very significant to the Southern California. This is a hike, beautiful scenery and has a lot of historical significance, which not many know about. I always find myself here after an overwhelming week or even when I just want a little adventure.  It is always so relaxing and I feel so at peace visiting such a beautiful and artistic place. You are able to see beauty, get a workout, and learn a little bit more about a Southern California hidden treasure.

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  1. Nissa Araque

    Judging from your pictures, it seems like this place really is beautiful. With such a busy life in these big cities, I often forget that we’re near the coast. But, at the same time, being near the beach is so common to me that I forget that other people don’t have the luxury to go to one any time, which is probably why Californians are often seen as beach-goers. It’s funny that it’s the middle of February yet we can still be able to go out like this. I’d love to visit Sunken City one day and explore around. We always talk about the making of Southern California as a civilization, but California also has its geological history.

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