The Bonaventure Hotel

I visited the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on October 7th, 2015. I have passed by the Bonaventure many times but never knew how famous it was. I did not realize how many movies it was featured in, and I enjoyed learning about that on the tour and after doing some research. Seeing the inside of the hotel was neat. It has a very interesting architecture and design layout. I also found it funny that there are businesses scattered around the first few floors, yet they were pretty empty. It was cool that some of the Japanese design was kept and one could spot little touches of it here and there throughout the hotel d├ęcor. At the time that we went, the hotel was pretty empty, which I found surprising- besides some people in the bar and restaurant. I thought the elevators were a neat addition. I really enjoyed riding in one all the way to the top and being able to look out and see a big part of Los Angeles from above. It reminded me that we were in the middle of a busy city- being inside the Bonaventure almost made me forget about that. It felt like its own secluded place. Although I have not seen any of the movies that the Bonaventure has been in, I will now be able to recognize it if it appears in any future movies. It was fun learning about something so close to home, yet so famous. I think Los Angeles has many famous little attributes and I plan on exploring them more.

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