The Bradbury Building


The Bradbury Building

Visited on: October 28th, 2015

The Bradbury Building located on 304 South Broadway, was built in 1893 in downtown Los Angeles. Downtown Los Angeles is a very popular area. It holds some of the most valued architecture. We have come to a time of showing great respect to architecture and detail. As of late an appreciation has grown for older buildings and their architecture. There has been a lot of attention focused on older building and locations in Los Angeles, which has led people to visit and admire the effort put into them. Although there is a limited amount of area we could view, it was still a gorgeous sight. I was amazed by the architecture in the building, especially considering how many decades ago it was built. There were people working and running through the normal. The second floor was roped off and we were unable to go beyond that point. We were still able to admire the architecture of the building itself. It was named a national historic landmark due to its national significance from the United States Department of The Interior.

My trip to the Bradbury Building only made my appreciation of architecture stronger. I had no idea just how significant of a role a building could play. It is a very popular location for filming, while also not losing sight of the rarity of a unique architectural landmark. The Bradbury Building is a building that will not lose its significance as a landmark. I am thankful to have seen such a beautifully designed building. I have become more curious about what Los Angeles has to offer and even finding out more about the places I have visited and their influence. Weather it be though film, photography or in literature The Bradbury Building has proven its beauty.



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  1. Nathan Sollengerger

    It’s so cool how they can change how the building is perceived. Just by adding a few props or special effects, they can completely change the atomosphere!

    When I visited, I was met with similar problems. We could only explore the first floor and a small portion of the stairway. Perhaps it’s due to safety concerns. I saw one security guard use one of the elevators. I was really jealous. It looks like fun! I still can’t believe it was built in the 1800s. That’s amazing, particularly because it seems so technologically advanced for the time.


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