1. Ian Lococo

    I really like this post and how you contrasted between the old and new Los Angeles and how it continues to build itself layer by layer with little regard for what the new layer is covering up. Also, I really want to go to the Last Bookstore, I’ve seen so many photos of the sculptures made out of books, but never gone before. Lastly, I agree that I’m looking forward to learning and discussing modern Los Angeles.

  2. Jordan Friedman

    This sounds like a really interesting place. Seeing how advanced out society is today, I am honestly surprised that paperback books, vinyls and CD’s are still popular and sold these days. The fact a store in LA can run a business selling such a primitive product while incorporating the Los Angeles lifestyle and culture is amazing! Now matter how old or new it is, nothing is impossible in LA. I will have to take some time one weekend and check the store out!

  3. Elizabeth Boron-Trotter

    I like your thoughts on this place. It looks super neat and I’d love to check it out sometime if I am in the area.

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