The Library

Nestled on Long Beach’s Broadway Avenue, The Library: A Coffee House keeps the street perfumed with the fantastic scent of freshly roasted coffee beans. This location is the perfect hideaway from crowded lines at any corner Starbucks. Rich pastries and warm entrees are served until 12 AM, ensuring that any Long Beach coffee lover is satiated.

I stumbled upon this lovely little shop with a full load of homework in on my mind and a massive headache for a cappuccino. With the parking situation on Broadway severely flawed, I was simply ready to sit down and relax. Now, The Library is the perfect place to mull over your thoughts. Brick walls, eclectic artwork and lush green plants complete the indie vibe that defines that little portion of Long Beach. Live jazz floats through the air at least once a week, mingling with the calming aroma of the vanilla latte the old couple in the corner quietly sip.

It is imperative to remember the rich history surrounding Long Beach’s art scene. Coffee shops around the town display wonderful contemporary pieces; most are for sale for a reasonable price and showcase fabulous local talent. Events such as the Artwork (this event takes place every second Saturday of the month) ensures that small businesses and beginning artists gain the spotlight that they deserve.

Overall, The Library: A Coffee House embodies the perfect coffee-sipping experience. Shelves stacked with books self proclaim the title of the shop with a 90s inspired paint job to match. I make weekly trips to this establishment, snuggling with a warm cup of coffee and a good book.



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