The Shrine

The Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall held a G Eazy Concert on February 9th, 2016. This was my third time at this Venue and I was very pleased with my experience. I was able to have very close tickets and learn more about Los Angeles. The Shrine Expo is also the headquarters of the Al Malaikah Temple, a division of the Shriners. It was designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument in 1975. In my own experience I saw the poverty-based area of Los Angeles just a few miles around the venue. I saw a lot of very skeptical stores and many homeless people outside the buildings. Once we got to closer to the venue, it looked nicer but I would still not consider it the safest location. The venue itself was smaller than I expected but I was able to stay very close to the front of the stage. If I did not have the spot I did, my experience would be very different as it is not the most desirable layout for the concert. If I were standing fifty feet behind my spot I would really struggle to the performers. The entire show was floor seats besides VIP, which had an overview from the top. I still really enjoyed going to a different venue and managed to be able to stand close to the stage every time I attended this venue. The venue is next to The University of Southern California. There were primarily college students in attendance. Every time I have been to this venue I have seen great performances. The stage can be easily utilized and the audience has a great view of the stage. I would highly recommend attending a concert at this venue.

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  1. William Godbey

    Interesting to hear the history of such a popular music venue in Los Angeles! I would like to hear more about the creation of the Shrine, but perhaps it is too brief a history. It never occurred to be to think much about the significance behind concert venues and, considering the massive amount of them in Los Angeles, it is certainly something to not be overlooked.

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