The Walk of Fame – Hollywood Boulevard

When walking down Hollywood Boulevard it’s pretty hard not to be overwhelmed, there’s a little bit of everything going on for everybody from all walks of life. Hollywood Boulevard has stood as the symbol for what Hollywood is for years and will remain to do so.

Hollywood boulevard was originally named Prospect Avenue, but upon annexation into Los Angeles in 1910 the road was dubbed Hollywood Boulevard. Since then, it has become a beacon for people wanting to strike it big and become stars (generally in the film industry), and for some of these people they literally become immortalized as a star in the sidewalk. Hollywood Boulevard’s “Walk of Fame” pays homage to all the talented entertainers who have come before. Stars can be earned in film which is represented by a motion picture camera, in the television industry which is represented by a TV, in the music industry which is represented by a phonograph, in radio which is represented by a microphone, and in theater which is represented by theatrical masks. These stars are people we have heard of and many that we have not, and some actors even have more than one (Gene Autry holds a star in all five categories). The Walk of Fame is said to have over 2500 stars spread throughout it, and more are added every year.

A couple stars in the ground may not seem like a huge deal however it preserves the history of the entertainment industry, and proves how important entertainment is to American society. These people, who have had a huge effect in molding and shaping the values and lifestyle of society, shouldn’t be merely forgotten. The Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard allows these entertainers to forever be engrained in the memory of modern society. Hollywood Boulevard sees a ridiculous amount of foot traffic and thus so does the Walk of Fame. It’s impossible not to read at least a few of the stars as you walk by. Because of this, these entertainers continue to remind the culture what entertainment was, is, and could be. The walk of Fame is a beacon of what Hollywood stands for. A huge entertainment industry where people go in hopes of striking it rich and making it in the big leagues in hopes of getting a star among all of the others.


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  1. David Van

    It’s interesting that before the annexation, it was named Prospect Ave. It really does live up to its former name. The people who have their names on the Hall of Fame have fought long and hard to earn their spot in this magnificent display of LA History.

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