Tomix Watch Trading Co. and a Music Video

For years I have been shopping in Downtown LA, I can remember my mother haggling with every sale she got and shoving countless black trash bags filled with clothes and toys into the car. The last few years have been more relaxed, we leave with one or two bags in hand but always leave with the memories from LA. Last week was my mother’s birthday, she wanted to go shopping in the garment district so I went along with her. There is a small makeup store we always make a stop at, with its weathered sign that reads “Misty”, we walk in. This trip was different than others. It was difficult for us to navigate the street since it had been closed and we were only able to access the store by walking there. Once in the store and stumbling through a large crowd, I noticed the crowd was all looking up, they were taking pictures and mumbling to themselves. I walked in the store and brushed it off, until I noticed that the crowd was continuing to get larger and larger. I stepped outside again and saw that everyone was looking up at this large aged building. All the way at the top was a red curtain.


There were people on top of the building walking around and moving large cameras and lights. We all knew that something important was happening up on that building and were trying to get a glimpse of what who it was. When I walked back in the store the owner told me that the street had been closed for a while since someone was filming a music video across the street and that since the street was closed he was not getting as many customers. After talking to him for a while he told me that it was Beyonce that was filming a music video and that the building is used very often for filming. I had never expected that a building that I walk past very often to have such an interesting story to it.

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