Upright Citizens Brigade training center

Last semester I went to a comedy show in Los Angeles at a place called the Upright Citizens Brigade training center (UCB). UCB is a comedy school that puts on free or discount shows to the public so that trainees can practice their improvised and sketch comedy. Located on Sunset Boulevard, the theater is in the heart of Los Angeles and it was a great experience. Before and after the show my friends and I drove around for a while just observing the environment and noticing the differences between our hometowns and this dense city.

It was not only the location of the show that was different and interesting, the people there were also something to see. There were people dressed up as if they were attending the Grammys while others looked like they simply stumbled in from the streets. Regardless, everyone there was having a great time and nice people if you approached anyone. UCB is known for its quality of comedy shows, so when they list a free one it’s something that everyone wants to go to.

After watching the show I couldn’t believe it was completely free. I had a great time in Los Angeles and it didn’t cost me anything but the gas to drive there. I think it’s an awesome aspect of LA and believe that there are many things you can do in this area that won’t cost anything. Los Angeles is packed with things to do both expensive and inexpensive, attracting a large variance in people from surrounding areas.

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  1. Sean Smith

    Let’s make sure there is some historical significance to the subject and that they deal with our theme of “invention of a city” or “cultural/public imagination.” Here, you could focus on celebrity and the hopes and dreams of those who come here looking for success in the “industry,” these are supposed to thoughtful pieces, that explore our class themes, not just a travelogue. Also, these should focus on your contemporary movement through the city, not previous travels.

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