Venice Beach

Over the weekend I was at a certain Los Angeles tourist attraction known as Venice Beach. It was interesting to observe all the different kinds of people and to see their reasons for being there. Venice Beach has a history that begun around the 1950s when it developed as a creative and artistic hangout. To this day the beach attracts people from all over the state to see the local people of the area marketing their artwork and even putting on shows for the visitors. The ocean front promenade is an attraction equivalent to Olvera Street with its own signature atmosphere but more organically developed among its people.

It’s interesting to compare the invention of this beach to the invention of the city of Los Angeles itself. The beach community that developed there began formatting its own culture and society that can be seen as sectioned off from the internal city or even the suburbs. The fantasy that it portrays for itself is much like the fantasy of Los Angeles in the early 1900s. Instead of marketing the Spanish culture, the beach culture is targeted. With an untold amount of venders and tents filled of people trying to sell their artwork or novelty jewelry, all promoting the fantasy of Venice Beach. As time goes on, the illusion develops and becomes more and more realized through multiple medians. In many ways, I can see the similarity between the invention of our city and the invention of this beach.


  1. Jordan Friedman

    Venice beach is honestly one of the coolest and most transparent places in LA. Whenever you go, you see the most creative and artistic people dancing, painting, selling, singing, and even shredding on long boards. Coming from a beach town in san diego, its always a good time to go to venice to get that comfortable feel of home. One interesting fact I learned about venice beach is that it is home to the star-up headquarters of snap-chat, something I can say we are all familiar of and has impacted us.

  2. Elizabeth Boron-Trotter

    I like your parallels between Olvera Street and the ocean front promenade. When I go to Venice Beach, I usually find myself absorbed within the beach fantasy. Although I have never been to Olvera street, this connection makes it more understandable to me.

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