Saturday March 26, 2016 ~2:30pm, somewhere near Los Angeles Yesterday my family and I started our road trip to Lake Tahoe for Spring Break. As we were heading north, we quickly passed by Los Angeles county. On the freeway, we passed by something that I thought I was used to seeing because I expected it, … [Read more…]

Counter images of LA

When Oil Derricks Ruled the L.A. Landscape Oil extraction is still big business in the Southland, but today locating signs of the industry can require a careful eye. Wells hide in plain sight as office buildings or masquerade offshore as tropical islands. In the back of the Beverly Center shopping mall, one quietly sips from … [Read more…]

Walking in L.A. (Bunker Hill edition)

Last month I took a trek across Bunker Hill. Actually I think I was underneath it. I started in Little Tokyo, and Bunker Hill didn’t seem that far away on the map by foot. Well, my navigation skills are lacking, my phone’s GPS has nefarious tendencies, and my friend had even worse navigational instincts; so … [Read more…]

Runyon Canyon

I hiked Runyon Canyon in Hollywood this past Saturday, March 19. It was my second time doing this hike, but in the past I had heard so much about it and wanted to experience it for myself. This hike is part of Runyon Canyon Park, which is located in the Hollywood Hills. This is one … [Read more…]

CSULB’s Bell Tower

Wednesday March 16, 2016 ~4:30pm I remember in my Freshman campus tour that the Bell Tower was what left the most memorable impression on me, because my tour guide said that this is the bell tower without any bells. I thought that was hilarious in that there wasn’t a point to it, then. After a while, … [Read more…]

Murphy’s Nazi Camp

At the end of my senior year in May of 2014, my class of 38 went on a month and a half long field trip around Europe. We had spent almost two weeks in Poland touring the many Nazi camps that housed millions of Jews, then went exploring the land of Israel for the remaining … [Read more…]

Hardfact-Kosso Eloul

  Almost every day I walk passed the Molecular and Life Science building and see a giant concrete and steel sculpture looming over the hill I never had any idea what it was. To me, it just looked like something with a slice taken out of it, and I actually could never find exactly what … [Read more…]