Long Beach Swap Meet

On Sunday morning, from around 6 am to 12 pm my father and I went to the Long Beach High Performance Swap Meet on Carson Street near the Long Beach Airport. This event is an automotive swap meet where over 600 vendors and thousands of shoppers come together to buy and sell custom goods. It’s a unique event with products of antique, vintage, classic, and high performance cars and parts for sale at reasonable prices. It’s a very interesting atmosphere where people gather from around the state and even other states to be a part of this goods exchange. I enjoy events such as this because it feels more organic in how products are purchased and sold.

When I was analyzing the event, I realized Los Angeles has always been a place for people to come to buy and sell merchandise made from local stores or people. It was a gathering ground for individuals to benefit from each other and I could understand that it has been that way in the past as well. The county of Los Angeles is speckled with events such as this for people to express their interests and participate in a conglomerate expo. I believe Los Angeles will always be a place of opportunity and diversity for both residents and visitors.


  1. Jordan Friedman

    This sounds like a really interesting event! You can always see events like this in Los Angeles where people with a common interest come together. I’ve seen an event like this one time when I was driving by Costco and there were around 100 vintage cars parked and people were observing them.

  2. David Van

    Interesting. I’ve never been to a swap meet before, but I’ve heard great things about them, especially the little treasures you can find sometimes. I do agree that ti’s a great way for people to buy and sell, and would even argue that it’s a good place to interact and partake in bargaining.

  3. Christopher Fernandes

    My mom loves going to these things so much that she’ll drive super long distances for certain swap meets. She’s not the only one as I’ve seen people from all around California come together at these kinds of events. It’s amazing how such unifying events can still showcase the diversity that makes up all of Los Angeles.

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