Chicken Boy

Last weekend, I went on an adventure around the highland park area with some friends to find some weird and interesting sculptures or buildings when I spotted a marvelous statue of a half man half chicken. It was beautiful. Standing on top of a building was this giant man with a chicken head holding a bucket of what is, I assume, chicken. I was really confused because it wasn’t promoting any fried chicken restaurant. It was just on top of some random building. I decided then that it would be perfect for my next blog, and decided to do some research.


The statue is widely known as the chicken boy. It is a landmark on the historic U.S Route 66 in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles. The chicken boy was built in the late 1960s and was installed atop a roof of a fried chicken restaurant on Broadway. For years, it stood there marketing the delicious and greasy goodness of fried chicken. It stood a whopping 22 feet tall, making it visible from blocks away. It would look down on the people on the streets until 1984 when the restaurant shut down. For a time, there was no answer as to where the statue would end up next. Luckily, a women named Amy Inouye, a los Angeles art director, believed in the statue and its glory, and was given the statue after countless requests. She put it in storage until a location could be found, around 20 years later. In the 2007, Amy mounted the giant chicken boy to its current location on top of her art studio. It was recovered as a result of community effort and donated funds. Now you can drive down North Figueroa Street in LA and witness the beauty that is chicken boy and his bucket of fried chicken. If you have nothing planned on September 1st, you can go to the famous statue and celebrate his birthday.

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