CSULB Central Plant

I’m sure many of you have walked by the lego-shaped building, and wondered what it is. I’m here to tell you! It’s the Central Plant of CSULB!


What does the central plant do? The central plant’s main purpose is to take water and either heat it up to 180 degrees fahrenheit or chill it to around 40 degrees fahrenheit. After it does this, the water is pumped all over campus. Not only is this water used in the restrooms, it is also used to keep buildings warm or cool. By having a central plant that does all of this, CSULB is able to save around a million dollars a year!




So what’s the story with the central plant? The central plant was actually contracted out to the P2S Engineering firm, which did all of the design. Why is this significant? P2S Engineering was actually started by CSULB alumns! Kent Peterson, Kevin Peterson, and John Sosoka started P2S Engineering way back in 1991. Kent got his degree in Mechanical Engineering, while Kevin got his in Electrical Engineering.

P2S Engineering eventually went on to become one of the top electrical design firms in the country, and even designed the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, along with the Molecular and Life Sciences buildings you see on campus.

Even now, P2S Engineering employs many CSULB alumns, and even has 3 presidential scholars from CSULB working there.

P2S Engineering is a great example of a community working together to get significant things done, and I can’t wait to see their new projects on campus, if any! Maybe a new Engineering complex? How about a new USU?


  1. Elizabeth Boron-Trotter

    I recently went on a tour of the CSULB Central Power Plant for my Power Plant class too! It was pretty cool because I honestly didn’t even know we had this on campus or what this building even was. I knew P2S Engineering was started by our own CSULB alumni but didn’t know they were the reason behind its existence!

  2. Kirsten Miller

    I find it interesting that the architecture of this building has taken on a name for itself around campus. We all know what you’re referring to when you say “the Lego shaped building,” but very few of us actually know what’s going on inside of it. It has such an important function, yet it’s reputation is based purely upon physical appearance. It’s yet another example of a structure in LA acquiring notoriety for its architectural attributes.

  3. Elvin Mabborang

    This was awesome to read!!! I did not know that the campus utilized water in a way to keep our buildings hot/cold (always thought it was based off of air conditioning). How much of the school does it affect? I know for a fact that some of the workshop classes for English Creative Writing courses are held in the Peterson Hall buildings (I think, they’re the buildings on the same side of the Hall of Science, across from the LA buildings) and those buildings have horrible temperature controls (oftentimes more hot than cold). It was also cool to read about how CSULB alumnis helped design and create the plant as well as the recreational center! True OG’s in tha gayme

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