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  1. Nissa Araque

    This was a very interesting read; I love the positive description you gave to someplace that sounds like only junkies would hang there. I’m not a Long Beach Native, and I’ve admittedly almost always been living in a bubble of security (as in, I’ve never been near drunkards and homeless people except ones I pass by very quickly), so I probably will never have the guts to enter a place like that. But it sounds like this is Long Beach’s go-to general store. The way you’ve described it, I want to call it “cute,” that Long Beach has a store it can call its own that probably isn’t anywhere else. Coming from a city with mostly wealthy people, I’ve never seen a store like that in my own city. Most of the stores here are well-known brands: Target, Starbucks, Costco, etc. Maybe one day I’ll muster up the courage to check the place out.

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