Long Beach Polytechnic High School

Inspired by Elvin Mabborang’s post on Carbillo High School, I decided to write about my high school, Long Beach Polytechnic High School. I’m not a very good writer (engineer here!), so please bear with me. Long Beach Polytechnic High School is not your typical high school. It was founded in 1895 as “Long Beach High School,” … [Read more…]

Hollywood Walk of Fame

In the early stages of development, California’s four main industries were citrus, oil, water, and eventually film. Today, one of those industries still has a large visible presence in the city of Los Angeles, the film industry. Since 1960, one could no longer stroll down Hollywood Boulevard without noticing the impact of this industry, for … [Read more…]

Bergamot Station

On Saturday I took a stroll through Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. It gets its name back when it was a stop and car storage area for the L.A railroad in 1875. Bergamot flowers once thrived in that area apparently. Today it is an art gallery complex, and an extremely popular art destination for visitors … [Read more…]