1. Christopher Fernandes

    I definitely agree with you, especially regarding your point about how the variety of sports cultures within Los Angeles divides its people. As a basketball fan born and raised in Los Angeles, I, like the rest of my family supports the Los Angeles Lakers. However, I have many friends within the same city of Los Angeles who differ with me by supporting the Clippers, while still supporting their home city. Although it can be cool that we can have multiple sports teams in such a great city, so as to somewhat “support” the diversity of people, I still feel that one team would unite the city with all of it’s diversity under one common factor (much like how the U.S. unites all the states into one country called America), rather than let that diversity create divisions.

  2. Elizabeth Boron-Trotter

    I feel like the amount of teams Los Angeles has is justified because of the division. The city has so many different sections to it and there is so much diversity. I feel like among the people living in the Los Angeles area there are fans for every team which makes it reasonable to have them located here.

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