The Grove

Immediately after I stepped off the elevator the large crowd pushed me down the walkway and led me all the way to the grand water installation which was playing old music.


The buildings themselves all had intricate designs, after learning more about the Grove I also began disliking it. It was evident that the extravagant areas were built after the farmers market was made, the scale of things also expressed how the people who made the buildings felt about themselves. In the farmer’s market area the shops are small and humble, the shops in the Grove area are large and tall.


The humble Farmer’s Market is off to the side away from the busy streets and hidden, while the more expensive areas are the first thing you would see as you got there, yet it was very difficult to even get to that area. The addition of the Grove was clearly for the upper class, it was almost fenced in by the large buildings which were used to keep the poorer people out. As far as I could see, this tactic worked and funneled all the lower class people into the Farmers Market.


After learning that the Grove was made in 2002 it is still a very busy place to be, and the tactics that it used to only keep the rich and white in the main areas. The Spanish Fantasy can be seen in the history of the Grove when they were trying to seem more appreciative of the Hispanic culture that was around them by having Mario Lopez film there for the television show, Extra.

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