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Last semester, on September 9, I had the opportunity to take a tour of the newly opened University Art Museum on our campus at Cal State Long Beach. We also toured the entire campus to see all the sculptures, murals and art spread throughout the school. I have noticed the different cultures across campus before but never really stopped to take a good look at them. I also never noticed how many there actually are. One of my favorites was the sculpture “Now”, or what is known to many as the whale sculpture. It was made in 1965 by Piotr Kowalski and is made entirely of stainless steel. It is composed of three 25 foot curved sheets of steel, resembling a tulip shape. This sculpture was made underwater by exploding dynamite attached to large sheets of steel. This is a very well known piece of art on our campus, mostly because it is so large and bright it is hard to miss and it is in the center of a lot of action.

I also really enjoyed the mural named “Sun Forces” over the walkway near the psychology building. It was created in 1965 by Rita Letendre and is 264 x 252 inches.  I think having so much art across our campus is a wonderful thing. For one, it brings a lot of beauty to the school. They are something nice to look at and admire while walking from class to class. They also bring much history to the school. Many of these scultures were all brought to the campus around 1965 by many different artists from all over the world. Each piece of art has a story behind it. I encourage you to go take a tour and learn about these pieces of art, or just stop and take a look around for yourself.

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  1. Ian Lococo

    I would agree that having all of the art around campus really brings the campus to life, because besides all of the art and sculptures its just a bunch of bricks and grass. But besides that I have always really wanted to see the galleries in the University Art Museum. I’ve been to the art galleries on upper campus before and there are always interesting pieces in them. On a larger scale, art seems to be integrated into every part of Los Angeles from street art and graffiti to the wide ranch of architecture and hybrid styles that can be found throughout the whole city. I love it and think it is great that our campus continues to support the arts.

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