California State Water Project – Lake Perris

For Spring Break, I went with a couple of friends to Lake Perris. Yes, I know. Lake Perris isn’t in Los Angeles County. It’s actually in Riverside County. However, that doesn’t detract from Lake Perris being a part of the California State Water Project.

As we have gone through many times in class, Southern California is really dependant on water. As a matter of fact, Southern California actually accounts for 80% of the water demand in the state.

With that in mind, the state of California decided to start a water project in the 1960s to bring water from the north down to the southern parts of the state. This created many artificial lakes and reservoirs across the state, including Lake Perris. Lake Perris finished construction in 1973.

The lake is used as a source of drinking water for the communities around it, and this was its original intention. However, a side effect of the opening of these artificial lakes  included turning the surrounding areas into a recreational area where the community can come together and enjoy the surroundings. There are beaches, parks, camping grounds, etc.

Another interesting point arising from the use of the lake as a recreational area is its role in allowing for people to escape the city. People can rent boats and go around the lake, and even fish. It really takes the toll off from city life. I know it has done that for me.

I have included some images for your viewing pleasure. Tell me what you think!


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  1. Brianna Maloney

    Great pictures!
    I’m curious to know if they still use this lake for actual drinking water, and if so, how and where it gets filtered. I’m not sure I’m completely confidant in the fact that where people get their drinking water is also a place of boating and other various recreational activities.

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