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Last week, on March 21st, I went to the Justin Bieber concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Just as the other concerts I’ve been to at the Staples Center, it was completely packed and there were crazy screaming fans. Coincidently, in class that week we were discussing how Los Angeles residents react to celebrities compared to people from a different area or different state. Being from L.A., it is “normal” to see a celebrity out and about, and one is supposed to act natural like they are normal people (which they are). Foreigners of the area tend to act like crazy fans who run up to the celebrity, ask for an autograph and a picture. I kept this in mind while at the concert.

Of course at a concert, everyone is excited over the person performing because they are a big fan of him/her. Throughout the concert there was constant cheering, screaming and singing along which I expected and contributed to. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West happened to attend the concert the night I was there. They walked into the building about ten minutes before Justin Bieber first came out on stage. The moment Kim and Kanye walked inside the arena, hundreds of people turned that direction, screamed and had their cameras and phones out. The entire section of the people in the area where Kim and Kanye were sitting, were turned away from the stage facing them until the concert started. All these people were acting exactly the opposite of how we said natives of Los Angeles are supposed to act.

I though about this after and realized that that type of behavior is typical at a big concert. The majority of people are going to act like ridiculous fans who are not from L.A. I think a big part of the way a person reacts to a celebrity depends on the situation. If a celebrity were to be spotted by someone at a restaurant or shopping out in public, one would typically act cool about it. At a concert it is more “acceptable” to act like a typical “foreigner”.

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  1. Kirsten Miller

    I agree with your assessment that it was more “acceptable” to make a big deal about the celebrity appearance at the concert than if they had been at another venue simply because of the atmosphere and the environment. I also believe you witnessed a slight case of “safety in numbers.” If Kim and Kanye had been spotted elsewhere and one person got over-excited, that person would have been judged for their socially inappropriate behavior, but when an entire section of people were giving them attention, it’s much easier to join the crowd of fans. It is no longer one person making a scene, but rather someone in a large group of people all trying to get their proof of the celebrity spotting.

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