El Dorado Skatepark

Over the past weekend, my friends and I went to El Dorado Park to check out one of Long Beach’s favorited skateparks. Coming from a suburban town heavily influenced on skateboarding, I have been around a lot of skaters and have had exposure to various parks. At every park, there is a strong sense of localism much like the surf spots in dogtown that we viewed in class. The experience was interesting as I am considered a local and a regular in my hometown park, but when I was in El Dorado I truly felt like an outsider. The atmosphere the locals create is uninviting and blunt when it comes to conversation. I can understand where this comes from as Jim Muir said it in the Z Boys Documentary, “there are limited resources” and when too many people flood into your home park you can become defensive.

The demographic of these skateparks are exactly those assigned to the early counter culture of surfing discussed in class. People of ages ranging from 14 to 30 come to skateboard because that is all they want to do and all they care about. They have no interest to be an integral part of today’s society and would rather spend their time in the skatepark. I enjoy the mixture of this culture with others and believe that it can be beneficial to be around this environment. The skateboard and surf culture has heavily impacted society in terms of fashion, style, and perspective outlook. This group of society will continue to challenge the norms and fight for an anti-cultured lifestyle.

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