Irvine Farmers’ Market

Saturday April 9
~10am, Irvine Farmers’ Market

A few weeks ago I visited the Farmers’ Market in Irvine for an assignment in a different class. It was my first time going to one, so I didn’t know what to expect except for maybe something similar to the Farmers’ Market on campus. When I got there, the Irvine one was much bigger. It almost felt like going to a small fair. In fact, I was reminded of the OC Fair that’s held every once in a while, except there were more fresh ingredients and less giant turkey legs.

There were actually quite a bit of people. I didn’t think Farmers’ Markets were that popular since it was ingredients you could buy from Target or Walmart for lesser prices. But I realized that more people support locally grown food than I thought. Or maybe because there were some original recipes there that you wouldn’t find in a store. Or maybe it was just the freshness of the food, not stored in a bag travelling from some faraway place.

The people there were friendly, and some seemed like they were already well-acquainted. I thought I would get harassed by sellers, trying to persuade me to buy their food, but there was none of that. I was able to leisurely walk around and look at their products without feeling pressured. I noticed that a lot of the sellers (which I assume are also the farmers), were Hispanic. I wasn’t surprised, as I’m sure a lot of farmers are actually Hispanic, at least here in California.

This organized feeling in market, though, feels weird. I’m not sure whether it’s just Irvine or if this is really what American farmers’ markets are like.

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  1. Juna Ideo

    I didn’t know there was a farmer’s market in Irvine. I actually recently went to the one in Torrance and got some healthy and delicious food there. The vendors were also pretty friendly. I’ve never been to the one in Irvine so I would like to go someday!

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