Lakewood, CA

Lakewood Pamphlet

For a time, I lived in Long Beach, CA. In 2008, my family was looking to purchase a home, and in 2009, they purchased a Lakewood home. My family, a first generation immigrant family, was looking into suburban homes because it was less noisy, and depending on the suburb, much safer and cleaner too.

When I first moved into the home, I noticed the area had a high population of White people, but never understood why.

Back in Long Beach, my neighborhood was very diverse. There were White people, Hispanic people, even Asian people.

Anyway, back to Lakewood. On the street I live on, there was maybe one or two other Asian families, and maybe two Black families. Even the middle school I went to, a middle school in Lakewood, was more diverse! Why?

As from our lectures, it turns out back in the 1950s, after World War II, many suburbs were built to accommodate returning war veterans. Lakewood was one of these suburbs. While many non-White people fought in the war, the majority was in fact White. Suburbs like Lakewood were built for these veterans. Lakewood happened to have race restrictions in place, because at the time it was thought that having non-White people moving into your neighborhood was going to decrease property values.

I find it amazing how even now Lakewood has such a majority of White people. Southern California is very diverse, and even a city called Cerritos, which is right next to Lakewood, has a growing majority Asian population.

One of my professors in the Asian and Asian American Studies department is actually conducting research on the city of Cerritos, to find out why exactly Cerritos has such a high Asian population. Pretty interesting stuff. Maybe having a good school district has something to do with it…? Probably she said. Anyway, this post was supposed to be about Lakewood, so I’ll just leave it at that.

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