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  1. Nissa Araque

    When I was younger and still adjusting to California culture, I thought surfers were the coolest thing and that everyone loved them. That’s what they depicted in shows, at least. I didn’t know that they were considered a counterculture/subculture, which I associate with hippies, and no one really likes hippies. After learning that surfing was a retaliation to the responsibility of a suburban life and watching that video in class about how carefree they are, I realized that I was–like always–misled by the media, but not because surfers weren’t shown as carefree (because they were), but because they showed surfing as some admired sport. Maybe it was just because I was only watching kids’ and teens’ reactions, not the adults’. It was cool that you got to hang out with surfers, and I wish I could someday, too, to know more about how they feel about surfing and their image in modern times.

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