North Fairfax Avenue

This past Friday a few friends and I drove to what has become known as one the most interesting and popular street among street wear aficionados: North Fairfax Ave. Currently known for it’s multiple street wear shops and skater culture, once I dug deeper into the history, it’s clear that this street has a long past that still echoes on the street today.

Beginning as far back the 1930s, there has been a huge Jewish population existing on this street, and only increased once World War 2 ended. There is one Jewish deli specifically, called Canter’s, which has been on the street since 1931. This, along with countless other delis, bookstores, and kosher markets keep the Jewish community thriving on this street. This community experienced a huge influx when in 2004, a street brand by the name of Supreme opened it’s doors, bringing with it their large following and skate culture. Starting with Supreme, there are a dozen of these street wear shops all vying for the same level of success Supreme has achieved. Among these skaters can be found celebrities such as Tyler, The Creator (based off an encounter I had with him outside his own street wear store on Fairfax), Earl Sweatshirt and other members of the Odd Future rap collective.

Another influx to the street came with the arrival of several new age restaurants such as The Golden State and Jon and Vinny’s, bringing a wave of foodies and in addition adding to the culture already present among the Jewish and skater communities. Also several bars opened up, most of them retaining a relaxed attitude about patrons. One bar has no name only an address of 432 N. Fairfax Avenue, and it is rumored to host many celebrities nightly. but it’s invite only.

It is not clear what has drawn so many unique and vibrant communities to N. Fairfax Avenue. Perhaps it is different for each community, but what is clear os that this specific street has large appeal to any and all who want to walk down it’s cracked sidewalks.

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  1. Ryan Florence

    Hey Will!

    I’ve never been to Fairfax Ave but I find it super interesting how so many different communities and cultures can meld together to form a cohesive yet unique location. It’s pretty awesome that locations like this exist where there is a comingling of different cultures existing in a way that allows everyone to enjoy a little bit of everything.

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