“Recreations of Long Beach” Mural

I visited the “Recreations of Long Beach” mural for the first time in November of last year for a class field trip. I recently went and took a look at it again this past weekend. It is currently located in downtown Long Beach at the north end of the Promenade, 252 E. Third Street, Long Beach, CA. It was originally in the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium, but was re-installed to its current location in 1982. It was created in 1936┬áby Stanton Macdonald Wright with the help of dozens of other artists as a W.P.A. federal arts project. It is one of the largest in the world and made up of more than 466,000 California tiles. The wall is an 800 square foot ceramic mosaic mural that depicts a busy beach scene with games, picnics, sailing, tanning and lots of conversing.

I think this mural says a lot about Long Beach, CA. For one, it displays how diverse this city is. There are people of all different ages and races. There are families, groups of friends, and couples. It also advertises the many activities to do in Long Beach, which I believe is its main purpose, considering it is titled “Recreations of Long Beach”. The biggest focus is the beach, which draws in many people. There are many things to do for fun, such as go swimming, sailing, have a picnic, play a game of horseshoe, take your dogs on a nice scenic walk, or go out to eat. I think this piece of art did a great job at capturing the benefits of Long Beach and promoting the city. I do wonder if it served as a successful form of advertising and brought more people to the city.

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  1. David Van

    Cool! I’ve lived in and around the Long Beach area for a pretty long time, but have never heard of that mural at all. It’s interesting how the federal arts project still has a lasting impact in the world today.

    Today, Long Beach is one of the most diverse cities in America. That mural is the perfect depiction of Long Beach in my honest opinion.

    Also, it seems that mural was originally housed somewhere else…? It looks like they moved it when they took down the original building it was housed in.

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