Seal Beach

About twice a week, I make my way to Seal Beach for work and cross the border of Los Angeles County to Orange County. Living near the school, I realize I am located near the edge of the LA County so the difference is not as dramatic as it is coming from the more inner Long Beach. When considering the two areas, Seal Beach feels a lot different than Long Beach in many ways.

The layout of the city is set up to be a lot more inviting to the visiting individuals and focused more on its beautiful beaches. Although we are near the ocean here in Long Beach, it feels as if we are more rooted in a deeply nested suburban area somewhere considerably inland from the shore. I do not feel near the ocean too much in Long Beach where as in Seal Beach the entire community feels connected to the shore.

It is interesting to note that Long Beach is one of the busiest seaports in the world and that may have a considerable effect on its community relationship with the ocean. My assumption is that Long Beach focuses all of its efforts to the port and does not place as much focus on the beach culture aspect of the community as the ocean shore became seen more as a social economic tool. The suburban community in Long Beach and the surrounding areas within Los Angeles County all feel similar in a sense. Much of the differences comes in the architecture, atmosphere, and people that inhabit the two areas. Long Beach feels like more of a traditional suburban area similar to those we discus in class, whereas Seal Beach and Orange County gives off a different and more beach cultured environment.

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  1. will godbey

    Definitely agree with you on the divide between the suburbs and the beachfront cultures. Although one could argue that even being besides the beach, the suburb culture is still thriving in Seal Beach. Also definitely would have liked to read more about the history of Seal Beach itself, although it isn’t necessary. Anyways, good work!

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