The Broad


A few days ago, I eagerly waited in line for an extremely long amount of time with a couple of my friends to see what all the hubbub surrounding this new contemporary art museum was about. Since its opening about six months ago, The Broad has gained an immense amount of popularity among the millennials. This was especially noticeable while I waited in line for two hours. While observing the people around me, I saw smiling young faces, quarky outfits, hipster sunglasses, rainbow colored hair, and some perfectly groomed mustaches. This was quite different from the usual crowd of any museum that I had been to regardless of whether it was contemporary or not. There were very few wrinkles and conservative attire. It was obvious that this museum was the hot spot especially for the subculture of hipster millennials. Once inside, I saw more phones pulled out than when I was in line. Many people were taking selfies and more often had their back to the art than actually looking at the art with their own eyes. The quick rise in popularity of The Broad seems solely dependent on these equally quickly uploaded selfies to Instagram and other social medias alike. To be honest, the main reason why my friends and I came was because of this same reason. Social media and interesting pictures on Instagram drew us to see what this museum was all about and now I know. It is just a ton of hipster wannabe’s trying to get that next like on their post or page.

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  1. Juna Ideo

    I went to this museum too and enjoyed it a lot. I remember I saw many millennials taking selfies and posting them to instagram and snapchat. It’s interesting how social media can have such a great impact on the popularity of a place.

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