Union Station

While I have sadly been unable to visit the Union Station up to the point of writing this post, I would greatly like to. The last time I visited Los Angeles, when my went with my girlfriend and sister, they were too tired to walk there from Los Angeles City Hall because we had been … [Read more…]

Pershing Square

When I recently visited Downtown Los Angeles with my friends and family, I had the opportunity to see the historic Pershing Square. The square is located at 532 South Olive St., and it is a nice spot for any people walking around the city to rest, catch their breath, hang out, walk their dogs, or … [Read more…]

Angel’s Flight

Angel’s Flight is an attraction that opened in 1901 in Downtown LA, across from where Grand Central Market would later be opened. A funicular (slanted/cliff side) railway, it is designed to transport pedestrians between Lower Downtown Los Angeles and Bunker Hill. Once it opened between Olive St. and Hill St., it continuously served pedestrians who … [Read more…]

US Bank Tower

The US Bank Tower, formerly known as Library Tower, is located in Downtown Los Angeles at 633 W 5th St. It is the tallest building in California, and it is the 65th tallest building in the world. It stands at over 1,000 feet tall. Prior to the 1950s, the skyscraper would not have been allowed … [Read more…]

Los Angeles City Hall

I recently visited Los Angeles City Hall with friends and family. It’s a remarkable building that has both history and significant for California. Built at 200 North Spring St. and opened in 1928, it is the center of government for Los Angeles. When it was constructed, the concrete used in its designed included sand coming … [Read more…]

Grand Central Market

I recently visited Grand Central Market. It is located conveniently in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles (although, upon having since read Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies, I now realize that “heart” is an inappropriate metaphor when referring to Los Angeles). The market is a wonderful destination for tourists and Angelenos alike. Personally, … [Read more…]

Leaving Los Angeles

The school year has finally ended. I have finished my tests and my essays and the stress has magically disappeared. So I did what I do at the end of every year, I packed up and went home. Home being in Northern California. As I drove away I felt different than the year before. I … [Read more…]

Santa Monica Pier

Every time my parents come down to Southern California they try to take me somewhere new. The most recent time they came down we decided to go to the Santa Monica Pier. I expected it to be like pier 39 in San Francisco, but it wasn’t quite what I anticipated. The pier is the end … [Read more…]