The Shrine Auditorium

I am absolutely obsessed with the Shrine Auditorium. I have been blessed with the opportunity to see various music acts at this venue throughout the years, but nothing can top The 1975.


First, let me give you a brief history of the Shrine. Named a cultural landmark coincidentally in the year 1975, this venue has been named the headquarters of the Al Malaikah Temple. This building has seen its fair share of notable events. Ranging from the Grammys to the Academy Awards, these walls have held so many great people, heard so many monumental voices and felt so much passion. The building was completely renovated following a massive fire in the ’20s and was redesigned by Albert Lansburgh to follow a moorish revival theme. After a complete makeover in 2002, the theme veered more towards a moroccan ambience and hasn’t change since.



The Shrine Auditorium is an absolute staple when it comes to Los Angeles. Rock n Roll has called this venue a vital statement to the industry with performances from the greats. There is no doubt in my mind why so many artists have chosen this location to create beautiful concerts.

Their spectacular sound system delivers crisp notes, somehow connecting with every single individual audience member in a unique way. Matty Healy, the lead singer and guitarist of The 1975, put on a show to remember. How could one not put on such a great show with such a beautiful ambience? Impossible. With lighting to remember, a crisp sound system and fantastic architecture, the Shrine Auditorium puts on events that will change your perception of entertainment forever.

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