Beverly Hills // Rodeo Drive

The Beverly Wilshire Hotel holds a historic memory to Los Angeles’ glamorous past. Completed in 1928, it was originally built as an apartment complex for the wealthy. Legends, such as the last and great John Lennon, called this building their home for years. Populated by world leaders, activists, actors and socialites, the Beverly Wilshire basically defines the two things the world pictures when the words “Los Angeles” are brought up: pretentiousness and arrogance.


Step foot outside of the Beverly and you will encounter quite a sight. The opening of the newest Beverly Wilshire wing in 1971 created a whole new dimension to this stretch of land: the creation of an international shopping center. Ranging from Giorgio Armani to Saint Laurent, Rodeo Drive houses the world’s most expensive retail stores and is proud about it. Only those who are able to afford and are willing to part with $2,000 on a single handbag (and tourists) are able to enjoy this scene without truly regretting making the journey.

Now that I have set the ideal Beverly Hills scene, let me explain why I’m focusing on this hotel. As a fashion major, I attempt to involve myself in as many fashion events Los Angeles has to offer. I was asked to participate in Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2016 Collection fashion show at the Beverly Wilshire, helping dress and other vital functions. Claiming that I wasn’t starstruck would be a downright lie. As much as I absolutely detest the overhyped glitz and the glam that comes with Los Angeles, I can’t help but love it.

This juxtaposition is at the core of what keeps people coming back to LA.

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  1. Anaid Gonzalez

    Having been to Rodeo Drive only once in my life I can also say that I was not a fan of the over hyped glitz and glam. But as I watched the tourists go in and out of every store I understood what it must have felt like to be them, to step foot onto a place which they might have seen in a movie and I believe that if a place can have that effect on people than it should be deemed important.

    And good luck at the fashion show!


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