Grand Central Market

I recently visited Grand Central Market. It is located conveniently in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles (although, upon having since read Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies, I now realize that “heart” is an inappropriate metaphor when referring to Los Angeles). The market is a wonderful destination for tourists and Angelenos alike. Personally, whenever I go into the city with my friends or family, I love to stop by. It has an assortment of foods ranging from many different cultures at reasonable prices, or if you so choose, “because of gentrification, you can get some hipster grinds, wine, oysters, duck fat fries, or Egg Slut,” (Sean Smith, 4/21/16). I, myself, especially like a Mexican vendor visible right as you enter the southern end of the entrance from Broadway. They specialize in carnitas, although I can’t remember the name of them, and they don’t appear to be on Grand Central Market’s website. Regardless, just know that they’re fantastic and not too expensive.

Grand Central Market opened in 1917 and was independently ran until a developer bought it in 1984 along with other Broadway landmarks, the Million Dollar Theatre and the Bradbury Building. Since that purchase, the developer and his estate have worked to make Grand Central Market a more popular location for people in Los Angeles to visit, with the goal of making Downtown Los Angeles more vibrant as a whole. Today, the market attracts people of many walks of life, including those simply working to make their livings and privileged young people such as myself who are only there because we find interest in the fun Downtown has to offer.

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