Hotel Cecil

Several years ago I was listening to a podcast and heard about the Hotel Cecil. There had been a death in the hotel several years ago which left the body left in the water tank from which the guest at the hotel drank from. The “spooky” history has made it a paranormal attraction the past few years, but in the past it was home to one of Los Angeles’ worst criminals, the night stalker. After sharing with my mother that the hotel contained a hostile criminal at one point she shared with me that our family had a connection with the case. During the mid-1980s Richard Ramirez was labeled as the “night stalker” he would murder, rape, and burglarize people until he was caught.


The story of how he was caught has always amazed me. He had tried to escape the cops and was in Los Angeles, he had been seen by people who had recognized him and he was a wanted man. By escaping on foot he believed that he would out run the police and would eventually be a free man. The city would not agree with him, many people wanted Ramirez to be put away in prison and a group of people went chasing after him. My mother’s uncle, Tio Luis, was one of the men who helped capture him. The city was able to protect itself, it did not need to have the police interfere with the issues it was dealing with, instead by using its own abilities it was able to fend for itself which shows the strength and beauty of Los Angeles.

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