LA Diversity

The “Valley Girl.” As a typical blonde girl born and raised in Southern California, this is a term I am very much associated with. My fair features have deceived many (even myself at some point) of my true Latin American culture. Splashes of Argentinean and Colombian run through my veins and I’ve grown up speaking three languages with my relatives.

Now, you may be wondering how this relates to Los Angeles. My question to you: How is it not related to this eclectic cultural basin? Wander through the empty streets of LA and I can guarantee that you will see a myriad of colors, smells and cultural standpoints. Whether it be a fancy shop on Melrose Boulevard, a coffee shop in Silverlake or a patch of freshly sprayed graffiti on a freeway bridge, something unexpected is always hiding around the corner. You may not expect to see such variety, but it’s there.

I took this trip to the Valley with one thing in mind: shopping (I am fully aware that this confession relates back most intimately with the “valley girl” stereotype). My closest friends and I often venture out into this part of town to check out the variety of expensive second-hand stores and tasty overpriced cafes. Los Angeles is one place that I can always count on for an afternoon with plenty of sights to see.



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